Thursday, July 23, 2009

Decision Time

Its decision time. Martine the other girl that works at crystal world has decided to go and live in Perth, to be closer to her brother and sister. So she had told our boss she is quiting. This now leaves me with a decision, will I take on full time work. I don't really want to work full time and I do not really have the time. Because I have made the decision to live simply I need to spend lots of time in the garden tending the vegetables and the livestock. As food prices continue to skyrocket this would be more sensible.
I enjoy working the one day a week but as I am the only one trained at the moment I can see my boss telling any newcomers to ring me if they have troubles on my day off. Just like he tells me on Martines day off.
Add to that as we are one mechanic short at work I am now needed to be here at my own business to run the office and be parts delivery girl again.
So the decision has been made that I will stop working at crystal world and start working at our own business.
I love working with the crystals but I think this will be best in the long run.
I hope I am right.
see ya


Grammy said...

It sounds like you are doing the right thing. Do what makes you happy. To enjoy every minute is what counts. If your heart is happy so are you.

Hibiscus Moon said...

This solar eclipse has certainly brought about a lot of change. I think its mostly all for the best though. Its all in how you choose to view it.

granny said...

Granny agrees with Grammy ! Do what makes you happy and everthing else will fall into place :0)

Wendy said...

Blessings for wonderful choices bring an abundance of positive energy into your life each and every day ♥

Leanne said...

Maybe there is a reason I hadn't typed up the reading....
Let me say you are dead spot on with choice.
I typed it up this am.

I loved reading for you - soo much happiness & love around you.

Don't forget to find a nice place/room for you to work from.

Love Leanne