Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day in Town

Yesterday we got into Melbourne at 11.30am to get tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie. Unfortunately the only tickets left were for the 11.55 pm session. So instead we went to the museum and saw the latest exhibition called " a day in Pompeii" It was very interesting and informative. There were lots of statues of the old gods and goddess and even the famous body casts of animals and people buried in the ash.
There was a small statue of Fortuna the roman goddess of prosperity and baby girl and I really liked her.
We asked her to bless us and boy did she ever!
As we had bought tickets to the late show we decided to go to the casino to try and spend some time, and it would be baby girls first visit to the gaming room.
First she put $5.00 in a pokie machine and turned it into $10.00. Then dear old hubby turned $50.00 into $140.00 playing blackjack.
We then decided that it was too long till the show so we cashed in our cinema tickets and headed home via Fountain Gate shopping center. The next available tickets for Harry were at 8.30pm so we had time to go home, get the animals bedded down and return in plenty of time.
When we left dear old hubby's wallet fell out of his back pocket and the nice lady who sat in front of us found it and rang us at home at midnight to let us know she had it . It had quite a lot of money in it and we were blown away by her honesty.
It has restored our faith in humanity.
As for Harry, well it was fantastic, although I don't know why one scene was in the movie when it was not in the book.
But after two years between drinks it was worth the wait.
If you live in or near Melbourne go and have a look at Pompeii, it is well worth it!
see ya


Grammy said...

I am so glad you were so blessed by Fortuna. That is amazing for the wonderful person to call and return his wallet.

I saw the movie online tonight. It was good.

Take care my friend.

Wendy said...

My husband once dropped his wallet with $1200 cash in it as he was meant to register his truck that day. He is a courier and dropped it at a bus depot that he does regular deliveries to so they knew his name. My business card was in his wallet and the guy who found it went to the trouble of ringing me so I could let my hubby know they had it. Hubby had no idea at that time that he had even lost his wallet and he ended up getting it back with all of the cash in it. It would have been so easy for them to take the money and either not give the wallet back at all or just give the wallet back empty and say that was how they found it. Suffice to say we would have been royally screwed without that money so it was a huge blessing that it was found by an honest and decent person.

Glad you had a good time in town and so happy that you enjoyed Fortuna's blessings.