Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The dreaded flu has still got me, and even a weeks worth of anti biotics haven't helped. Now the other members of this family have started to come down with the symptoms and life will soon get very interesting here.
At least I feel better and I will be able to look after them.
On the job front, I have spent my first morning at the workshop and finished all the outstanding dockets and a customer came in only 10 minutes after I finished theirs to pay.
He had been in twice before but his bill had not been made up, so I have already well and truly made up the money I make at crystal world already.
So this morning I don't have any to do so I have spent the morning reading. Something I have not be able to do for so long.
I have told my boss at crystal world about quitting when Martine leaves to go to Perth, and he said that I can always come back when I want to. He will keep me in mind when large shipments come in so I will still help with the unpacking of those.
So life really is good at the moment.
see ya


Arts and Herbs said...

Have you tried elderberry syrup yet, it makes the resistance of the body stronger against disease.

Miss Robyn said...

Hi, I am from Earth Healers.. if you go to my profile, you can email me and I can get a disc out to you.. thanks & blessings, Robyn

ps.. lots of immune building greens.. make the green Goddess soup.. any leafy green vegies even dandelion greens, chick weed from the garden (as long as they haven't been sprayed).. chicken stock, garlic, salt and pepper simmer for a short time.. sip as needed... and astragalus, green tea.. boost that immune system 100%.. if taking antibiotics make sure you help the gut flora with acidophilus(not sure of the spelling)