Saturday, August 04, 2012

the final photos

 this is an exact replica of stonehenge that someone built in Esperance. Sue who has been to the real stonehenge said it just did not feel the same. It was amazing but it just looked too new. So one day I will go and see the real one in England.

 we saw some whales and their calfs, it was amazing how close to the shore they were. Right at the tip of the great australian bight, is the nursery for the southern right whales. They come here every year to give birth to their babies. I was very excited to see them but I would love to go on a cruise and get even closer. They have them down in tassie so next time Im down there I will book and hopefully get even closer photos to share with you all.
So that was the great holiday we have been planning for as long as we have been married. it was better than I even imagined and I have the bug. As soon as our van has been back to the manufacturers to get all its issues ironed out we will be planning the next trip. There is still so much of this great country of ours to see and experience
see ya

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Sharon said...

Stonehenge replica - they should have done some sand blasting or something, it just looks too new to me too.

All I can say about the whales is COOL! Awesome! Happy you got to see them firsthand!

How's your bed feel? :-)