Saturday, August 18, 2012

bitch of the day

This morning I decided to head off into cranbourne to get the new huger games DVD .  Wasn't very crowded and I quickly found the DVD and a few $5.00 tops, hey you cant go past a bargain!
I headed to the check out and low and behold there was only one very slow boy working the registers.
Now they have those new self serve registers but I really don't like to use them as they take away jobs. But this poor boy had a line of about 5 people before I got there and he was looking very flustered.
Meanwhile all the self serve counters were empty. Looks like everyone else had the same idea as I did.
But after about 5 minutes waiting and the line not moving I admit I got sick of it and used the self serve check out.
I know I didn't do the cause much good but it would of taken me longer to wait to be served than it did to find a car park and get what I needed.
And this is what Kmart wanted to happen by only putting on one staff member to man the checkouts.
So what do you think should I have waited, what do you do?
see ya


Nanette said...

It's a hard one Angela, I don't use the self serve for the same reason, but when one of the 'helpers' comes to the line I'm waiting in and suggests I do, I always tell them why I won't. It's hard to wait when you have other things to do, and you know you can get through quickly, I might wait if I had time, I'd certainly be writing letters to management or the papers..but then I'm a bit of a stirrer!

Sharon said...

I do not like the self serve thing-a-ma-jigs. I do not like their purpose, I do not like what they stand for. JMHO

linda may said...

I don't like the self serve check outs either, but I have chosen them sometimes. Mainly because I am feeling brave and up to a challenge, hehehe.

linda may said...

G'Day again. I just ahd a look through your last holiday posts. It would have been so wonderful. Ahhhh one day I might get to do that.

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