Wednesday, August 04, 2010

we set sail

Ok blogger has done something to the photos so they look like text, so I will try to explaine them.
Here we have some shots of the Spirit of Tasmania including one of our room.
The shot of the boat is one I took in the dark, as we left late Thursday night.
The crossing over was really good and I slept most of the way. I always sleep when I get on a boat, must be that rocking motion, like being in someones arms. Lol.
We landed in Tassie the next morning around 7.ooam and we left Davonport about an hour later and headed straight down to Hobart. I wanted to be there for the market on Saturday Morning.
Its about a 3hr drive from Davonport to Hobart and it is a relaxing one.
Once we got to Hobart we found a motel and booked in for the night. Then we went exploring.
We visited Mt Wellington, and I got some great shots.
I will post these tomorrow.
see ya

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