Friday, August 13, 2010

The big wet

This winter has been the wettest I can remember for a long time. Our little dam is nearly overflowing and the paddocks next door are under water. All our water from the house flow into drains out the back and water the fruit trees and these are full. This hasnt happend for nearly 10 years. When we first moved here back 22 years ago, this was a regular event. Our paddock used to look like a lake. It was so bad we had to add fill.
It really is great to see all that water and know that the ground is so wet that the fruit trees will have lots to draw on this summer.
I only hope that the dam doesnt overflow! It has never been so full since we built it.
I hope you get all the rain you need, and if you dont need any then it stops raining for you.
see ya


Out Back said...

Good morning,

Wetter than usual here too this year, I think the whole of Australia has copped their fair share.

Hopefully Summer is not going to be a "real" Summer...

Have a great day,


Konnie said...

Angela, here in Oregon, we are use to a lot of rain, but this last winter and spring were ridiculous. Even our summer has had very few nice days, although we are in heat wave now. So I hope weather will improve in your area and your sping and summer is a nice boring normal one:)

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog! It was really interesting to read about your excess rain - we have the very same situation here in the other hemisphere! I am in Iowa and this is the wettest year on record. My route to work had detours this week due to flooded roads. The bike trails are also flooded out and have been all summer and much of the spring. Hopefully your rain will not continue as ours did! Cheers,

Grammy said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the photos u took. We have had too much water too. I had zero tomatoes this year.