Friday, August 06, 2010

Salamanca Market

On Saturday morning we got up and went to the salamaca market. Its pretty famous and the last time we went to tassie we did not get to go. I had a ball just browsing and talking to the stall holders. One lady was making beanies from wool she had spun from coloured sheep her best friend raised.
we had breakfast at a little cafe in the market that sold organic freetrade food and it was delish!
Hubby really loved the guy pretending to be a statue, and one lady had a staring comp with him.
I dont know who won but the guy did shake her hand at the end and hubby was so impressed he put 5 dollars in his collection box.
We then headed off to Strahan. we stayed at a motel right on the water and we decided that we would come back and spend a few days there next time as it so beautiful and there is heaps to do.
More pic of Strahan tomorrow.
see ya

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Mieke said...

Seems like a nice holiday. The 'statue' is great! Have fun!