Monday, February 08, 2010

Silly Me

yesterday hubby and I went fishing for the afternoon. All good some fish were caught and we had a great day.
Till I got home and had a shower. My face was bright red. I had forgotton to put on sunscreen on it. I had covered up everywhere else. I even had on youbeaut sunglasses. So now I look like I am wearing goggles. Around my eyes the skin is white and the rest of my face is beet red.
So now I am feeling very sorry for myself. The kids think its hilarious and keep laughing everytime they look at me.
Well Im glad I can brighten their lives. Good to see they find my pain funny.
So I am hiding inside today and putting nutri rich oil on my face.
I will never forget again.
see ya


granny said... photo with this post,lol.
Im sure the kids would have happily taken one for you!

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
You aren't the only one doing that - I didn't realise it was so warm on Saturday and ended up with red arms and neck after gardening. Going to be warm again tomorrow so watch out - or hibernate lol
Take care