Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk22

This week I have finally lost a significant amount. 1.2kilos.
That means I am now over half way.
Only 11.2 kilos to go.
Cathy re my last post. No. No photos. I looked terrible. I think it was you how asked for before and after shots of my weight loss. I really dont have before shots as when you look like the goodyear blimp you tend not to pose for them. I will post a shot as soon as I get into that dress.
It will be the first I will have blogged of me.
I hope it wont be too long until I can get into it.
another hot muggy day here. take care
see ya


granny said...

geez,you are doing so well,good on you!!

Vickie said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been visiting and doing some reading this morning. Congratulations on your weight loss - I need to do the same, but am having a hard time getting motivated.

I'm really jealous of your sewing room there. It looks like a great light space to do all your beautiful sewing! Maybe I'll have one of those someday. I wanted to say that your roses are beautiful, too - I really love the white ones because they are so bushy.

I love to fish, too! We have many lakes around here, but I'm too far away from the coast to do that kind of fishing. I still go with my dad sometimes. We have bass, catfish, perch and crappie up here in EAst Texas.

Keep up the great work on your workout! I'll be checking back on you!