Friday, February 26, 2010

Just another day

Nothing really exciting to blog about. Its just another day in another week. Wonderson has gone to Bendigo this week to spend time with a mate, and do lots of drinking. But I thing it will do him good. He is due back late tonight.
Baby girl has been busy with two part time jobs and helping me, and dear old hubby has been" flat out at work". His words not mine!
Me I have been going from one job to another. I cannot seem to find a flow and get bored very easily these days.
I have three quilts on the go, and a knitting project, and baby girl asked me to make her bestie a pair of slipper socks for her birthday next week, so I have started them as well.
The socks I started a while back have sat in the basket and I cant seem to get the urge to go back to them.
I think it has something to do with the wool, it scratches.
And today I am starting a new BOM, a candle wicking one.
so at least I know in the winter I will be very busy.
I just wish I could just sit down and get some work done.
I must have ants in my pants.
see ya


Debbie said...

I think we all have days like that where we have a lot of things on the go but not something you want to do that day :0)

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

Oh I can so relate! There are jus too many distractions!