Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 2 On Tony Ferguson

Had my weigh in this morning and I have lost one kilo this week.
So pretty happy with my self.
Worked at Crystal World yesterday as an emergency fill in.
I had lots of crackle quartz that I had to put into kilo boxes. Very pretty in their pinks and purples, and various other colours.
But being man made the dye was coming off them and onto my hands.
Not pretty! Still lots of people love them.
Not much else happening around here just the usual, I have got lots of seedling to plant out into the vegetable garden so I might get stuck in and get that done.
see ya


granny said...

Hey...I think I found your kilo!!!Heehee.No, really,well done!

Leanne said...

Oh no please stop cos it's spreading - I too found the kilo BLUSH!

Hay I want a photo of your craft room

Love Leanne

Grammy said...

Thats wonderful! I am so glad things are working well for you.