Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heading to a happy place

Sorry about the last post. I was not in a happy place. This weather is really getting me down. After a promise of spring I got all excited and motivated to get stuck outside and get some serious gardening done. But now I am stuck inside and I can see the weeds growing right before my eyes.
The AFL grand final is over for another year and unfortunately for the saints fans they did not get the fairy tail ending they wanted. But congratulations to the cats, well done.
And I even enjoyed myself at the wedding last night, as I always do. I am a homebody and the thought of getting dressed up and going out is always hard for me, but once I get to the destination I always enjoy my self.
Meanwhile on the home improvement front, dear old hubbies concrete mate said he can do the job next week so hopefully the weather improves for that.
Enjoy you Sunday, I know will have a quiet one.
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I reckon once this cold wintery weather moves on we are all going to be in happier place - Ill meet you there in a few weeks lol
Spring and Summer rain is welcome but not this awful cold stuff.
Take care

granny said...

Hi Angela,Im a home body too and dont enjoy the thought of dressing up being socialable..however last night we booked into a beautiful B and B and attended my neices engagment party!We had a great time with family and met the loveliest poeple at the B and B.So,sometimes we need to get out of the comfort zone and have fun.
Its never that bad when you get there :0)