Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shake Rattle and Roll

Boy this year the earth has move for me. Last night at 6.20pm we had two very significant earthquakes that actually was a bit scary.
They were not particularly strong on according to the news, only 2.5 and 3.0 but they were not far from here and only a little way down in the earth.
The epicenter was only a few klms away. Just 3 minutes by car! Thats a little too close for comfort.
Meanwhile dust storms in NSW, Hail and flooding in SA, and bushfires in QLD.
The Gods have really gone crazy.
Stay well everyone
see ya


Unknown said...

my guides have been going crazy about all this in the last few days- i even blogged about it- the change in energy-hope you are all ok dear one- poor HOM is in Adelaide and here in Newcastle it is friggin ORANGE.......yep, Mother Nature is having a purge xx

granny said...

Bit dusty here in QLD today...ahhhhh-chooo.My sinuses are suffering!!!!!