Saturday, September 12, 2009

My new room.

As I type I can hear the hammering and banging going on outside. This is because dear old hubby and wonderson are pulling up the decking on part of the deck which will be enclosed and built as a sewing room for me.
I am 42 years old and have never had a room of my own. I have always shared with my sister and now my husband.
So this is very exciting for me. This will be totally my room to sew, or knit or read, or anything I want.
will post pics soon I promise.
what are you doing this weekend?
see ya


Tania said...

How wonderful to have a room to yourself. I think this is every woman's dream. Lucky you.

Weather here today is exactly the same as yesterday, hot 35C, wind and dirt(looks to be more dirt though). Well at least I get to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. Makes you wonder what summer will bring??

Arts and Herbs said...

Every woman deserves a room of her own, enjoy it !

granny said...

We built a cottage in the backyard for my son,daughter-in-law and grandson to live in while they saved for their own house.While they were here they had another son,we had another grandson :0)When they moved out to their new home the cottage was mine!!!! :0)
I have sewing machine,soapmaking supplies,tv,dvd player and the computer in here..and I love it ! oh,and books magazines,seeds for the garden...*bliss* You will wonder how you ever managed to do without your own space.Enjoy !