Monday, April 16, 2012

So tired

Its 2am and the weekend has been a busy one. Had baby girls 21st BBQ and greek Easter here yesterday. I spent all day saturday cooking and cleaning. Sundaynwad all go go go. I am so tired in heaps of pain but it was all worth it. I know your job as a parent never ends but I feel that constant parenting part of my life is over. I have two adult children who I will always be there for but as adults they now run there own lives. I am very happy about this as I am ready to start living my life and follow my dreams. As soon as I figure out what those dreams are I'll let you know. Lol See ya


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Sounds a busy weekend! Bet you will pay for it - rest up this week.

I've been working on what I want to do in next stage of life and having to hold myself back as I have to finish this stage first.
I'm lucky and Brent is on board with me for my plans. It took me about 2 years to work out what I want to do - I found Sarah Ban Breathnach book really helped me. I did the journalling and the discovery journals. Might help you too?
Love Leanne

granny said...

So happy that the weekend celebrations went well !
I can tell you ,you will feel abit lost for awhile! But then something will come along and next thing ,youre so busy on a new adventure !! Happy days ahead :0)

Grammy said...

You did good. You now should soak in a nice tub of water with Epson salt. Maybe spoil your self to a massage.