Thursday, April 26, 2012


The Decluttering bug has hit me! I spent monday going through all my clothes getting rid of anything past it's used by date or that I haven't worn in over 12 months. I have been a tight wad and most of what went was very do and worn and that was why I hadn't used it. But I keeps it just in case. In case of what I'd like to know! There was nothing good enough to give to charity so it wall got taken to the shed to be used as rags. But it's good to know that I didn't spend money on something just to have it sit in the wardrobe, I'm a good girl like that, I buy something and wear the hell out of it! Now I have two whole draws empty so I can buy some new things to wear. I did purchase a new long grey skirt and a black long cardy last week both were only $10.00. Bargain! I wear lots of long cardies and black is very versatile so maybe I should of got two for that price. Oh well I'm a great bargain hunter so I'm sure I'll find something at the right price. Decluttering sure makes you feel good. Oh yeah since going on my new diet, the one my body wants according to the kinesiologist I have lost 6 kilos. My energy levels haven't improved greatly and I still have days of great pain but my recent liver function test shows an improvement so with the wight loss it's been positive See ya


Grammy said...

That's great. It is nice to free up space. out with the old. I think if I did that every thing would be thrown out. LOl Maybe I should get to work. Congrats on the diet plan.

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Oh i so need to shed some kilo's congrats on that!!
And as for declutering it does feel super good, iv only not so ling ago had a good clean out and its like we can function better with out the clutter lol


Susan said...

I can relate to your comment of you keeping things just in case! Yes, well said: Just In Case of What??? I started decluttering a month or so back and it sort of fizzled out. Now, today, I'm back with a vengeance after reading your post Angela. Thank you!
Losing 6kgs is a lot - you must feel really pleased, well done!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing the same thing lately. I've had to start replacing some very worn out tops. I also found some nearly new that were too small for me and I gave them away to a very happy recipient. Sue (Maa)