Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Butterfly Kisses

Progress on this quilt has been slow. First I got myself those two jobs and that took alot of my stitching time away.
Then I had to wait for the quilters to have the time to fit me in as they were working on quilts for all the fire victims. Winter was coming so I did not mind having to wait.
So now it is finally finished and although not perfect, I learnt lots.
I really like this finished product.
Its only the second quilt I have made so I am pretty proud of myself.
see ya


Tania said...

You have done a good job with this quilt. The colours go well together.

I have only ever attempted one quilt in different colour blues which is still not finished. Just needs finishing off, I should go get it out and do the hand sewing at night while watching tv. I have only been doing it about 4 years! LOL.

nollyposh said...

Fabulous! That's one on my list of things to do (ie) Make a quilt... Hey Angela, because i was just chatting to a neighbour about her son & just noticed (by co-incidence?) that you had popped in on my bloggy & that your hubby and son are mechanic & apprentice, i wondered if i might be so chEEky as to ask a question of your hubby?...
My neighbour's son is an apprentice mechanic & has just been asked today after finishing his shift, if he will come back to work tonight & do a job from midnight to 8am with one other mechanic (for a regular days pay) to do a job that he has been told is carcinogenic... He has been told that the job needs to be done while there are no other workers around because of the danger & will be suitably attired & given a mask... My concern is that the job sounds rather dangerous & if so why get an inexperienced apprentice on the job AND not pay him penalties? Does the industry do time and a half or any such thing? (Or am i living in the dark ages! Lol!) Don't feel obligated to answer, i just thought it was an interesting co-incidence & thought what harm is there to ask? (Maybe i'm just being a nervous nanny but having dealt with cancer myself, my radar went up when i heard the word "carcinogenic" or is it common in the industry?) My email is : Thanks chickie X:-) Hope ya horsey won???

nollyposh said...

Thanks chook you're a gem X:-)

granny said...

Like the quilt,Ive made one,with alot of help from mum!Fortunately she has made quilts for all of her children,grandchildren and great grand children.How lucky are we to have them to keep us warm for generations to come :0)

Arts and Herbs said...

Gorgeous quilt, I loooove the colors.

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
That is a very 'dramatic' looking quilt isn't it. Actually it looks quite complicated, I like the impression it gives of being too big in one direction - where one block runs over the edge - was it hard to do?
Great news about the extra loss - keep on going (only one way - and thats down lol)
Take care

Grammy said...

That is beautiful! I love the color and pattern. You did a great job.