Friday, November 06, 2009

Beautiful Bottlebrush

This is the Bottlebrush hedge we planted about 10 years ago. They get no attention at all now and yet they still give us a great show every year.
Our bees just love them.
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Thats a fabulous hedge you have there
You won't believe this but I've just prepared a post on Callistemons for Todays Flowers to be published on Sunday.
The 'brushes' seem to be stunning this year - wonder if its something to do with all the rain we had
Take care

Tania said...

I love these native trees.

Ours have finished flowering for the year. We are thinking about replacing any trees that have died with these bottlebrush's as they seem to be tough as well as beautiful when in flower.

Your hedge is a pretty sight and yes the bees love the flowers don't they?