Monday, October 05, 2009

Relaxing weekend

I have had a quiet weekend. Started on Friday night with dinner and catch up with some ladies I meet while working at Curves.
Home early, I was home by 9.30, to spend some time with the boys as they were going on their annual golf trip.
They look forward to it all year and dear old hubbys brother goes along as well. Wonderson has been going for a few years now and it has been wonderful for the three of them to bond away form us girls and just be boys.
Baby girl was away on Friday but she came home on Saturday afternoon and we have spent a simple weekend together, reading and watching girlie DVD's.
So this morning I got up early and opened up the workshop and with our mechanic will be running the show until hubby gets back this afternoon.
So have fun everyone, enjoy the week.
see ya

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Grammy said...

I so wish, I could sprout wings and visit you. I have always wished to see your country. But We would have to hit the lottery to afford such and adventure.
It was so thrilling for you to invite me though. It made my day wonderful.
I am glad to here you had a good weekend.
Big hug, Take care.