Friday, October 16, 2009

The latest project

This is what I have been working on lately. First I got the stichery from the internet. Just do a search for free stitchery patterns.
I then changed it a little as she had eggs in her apron and I didn't want them. Then I traced the transfer onto the fabric. I wanted the girls to look at each other so I traced two of them back to front.
I also have a group of little girls, one with a dolls pram, and I have stitched four of those. They will be incorporated into one of the boarders of the quilt.
I have used purple and green as the main part of the girls with red shoes and red flowers in their bonnets.
So the theme will continue on the patchwork part of the quilt and the red will be used as the back and binding.
Will post progress pic's as I go along.
see ya


Leanne said...

Now I love red shoes!!

Enjoy working on it.

Love Leanne

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Will that go in the centre of the quilt - how long till you think you'll have it finished?
Should be nice when you do so
Take care