Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disturbing Dreams

Dreaming of homeless people. Especially children. All of them in a large shed with a concrete floor. Like an old rollerskating rink. Many of then totally naked.
Me arguing with the powers that be that the reason these children arnt in school is that they have no homes.
No one listening
Very distrubing.


Unknown said...

dreams are very disturbing at the moment- somehting in the air i think x

wykd wytch said...

This is all of your problems coming all together and you trying to deal with them through love and caring...but sometimes you cannot deal with problems with love..sometimes you have to just be tough or unemotional about your responses to make the right choices..this is what your head is trying to tell you....w.w.

Teena said...

exactly ... ditto to wykd wytch. I commented the other day about the messages you were recieving and now you have a little clarity, go with the flow, keep writing/documenting the messages and their patterns. You will get the hang of it.