Monday, December 15, 2008

Something in the air

I dont know what it is but I feel "a great wrong" I can only describe it as that and it is a very unsettling feeling.
I dont think its all the doom and gloom from the media, because I just dont watch that, but there is something.
If anyone can tell me what it is I would be grateful.
Maybe I just need a bex and a lay down!
Who knows.
see ya


Teena said...

Hi Angela....YES! I too have had the same feeling! My little messages come through as consecutive numbers to start, EG: time on digital clock is 11:11am or I wake up at 1:11 am ..... then i get more profound messages through dreams, then de-ja-vu, then it happens, whatever the messages were saying they just happen. Good ones happen with consecutive 1's, not so good messages start with 2's. Odd and crazy sounding but its very real to me and I believe someone is watching over me and giving me these messages as a guide.

Good luck with yours.

Teena said...

Something I just forgot.... Write down the happenings, they will ALWAYS come in a pattern. Good things with one and not so good with the other, that way you can keep track. It might take a bit of practice to "hone-in" on what the message will be, but they are always pretty clear if you have open heart & mind. dont fight them, let them in.

Good Luck