Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our happy chooks

This is our chook house. Its an old cubby that we bought second hand for less that what the materials would of cost and we put it up on posts. During a wet winter it can get pretty muddy out the back so this way the chooks stay nice and dry. In the background you can see the goat paddock and like the sheep cannot get into the chook area. The whole area is surrounded by an 8 foot high fence so the chickens are safe. At night we still lock them up as foxes have been known to burrow under the fence.

These are some of our wonderful chickens and our rooster. We have 6 chooks who are all laying an egg a day for us and the rooster is so friendly he follows you around so close that you have to be careful not to step on him.

Next we will see the geese guarding the goose and her eggs.
see ya

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Susan said...

Hi Angela, I've been reading through your earlier posts and have enjoyed seeing your orchards, geese, chooks, roses and vegetable.
The raised garden beds are great too. You've put a lot of work into establishing your place.