Monday, September 15, 2008

Huff and puff and blow the house down

The weather has turned nasty today. The wind has been blowing all weekend but at least the sun was shinning. It was great washing weather.
But today the day has darkend and it looks like storms are on their way.
Being outside yesterday with all the wind has taken its toll on baby girl and myself, both waking up with earaches and sore throats. She had to go to school this morning for a SAC. Its a very important test in year 11 and 12. But she asked if I could pick her up after that.
Next week school holidays start, so we will both be happier for the rest.
Stay well everyone
see ya

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Leanne said...

Way to go loosing the weight Good Job!

School Holidays start in 2 weeks here, we really feel we haven't done much work this term with sickness 7 life oh well.

I have moved to Blogger

Love Leanne