Friday, October 05, 2012

Rollin along

Well the days turn into weeks and now we are in October, it's amazing how quickly this year is moving along. Not to panic anyone but soon it will be Christmas!
Life has been very leisurely here, work is busy and with the days slowly getting nicer I have been venturing outside. Learning to live with illness has been hard, I was always so busy but now I just cannot do everything I want. So I've been making plans to get my place organised so it's easier for me to look after. As soon as these improvements are implemented I will post pics. On other news wonderson has applied and got a job on the mines. We don't know the actual start date but her will leave working with his dad and go off into the big world. I think this is a great opportunity for him to grow and get lots of experience. Also the money he can make is quite good so it will give him a great start in life.
So for now just letting you all know that life is good and I'm still here and I do get on and read your blogs, hopeing life is good for you too
See ya


Sharon said...

It's amazing how fast the time is going, evidently the older one gets the faster the days go by!

Learning that one can't do all they used to is a very hard lesson.

Good to hear that wonderson has employment! I hope it gets him off to a good start!


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Oh yes, it is so hard having to accept and adapt. Loking forward to hearing/seeing how you have managed to reorganise your life to make the best of it.
Which area is w/son off to - WA or Qld?
Take care

angela said...

Hello Cathy and SJ wonderson has worked with his dad for the last 5 years, he will be working in queensland two weeks on and one week off so we will still see him, I hope.

greekwitch said...

Congragulations for his new job. I would love to know your organisation plans for your home, maybe i can not follow it and put everything here in order(place is a mess)!

Snowbrush said...

Yes, soon it will be Christmas, and soon will come the fireworks of a new year, and then will come Spring, and Fall, and another Winter.