Saturday, September 22, 2012


 spring when the sounds of bird song is broken by the sounds of lawnmovers. Where trees burst into life, and the sacred dance between the bees and blossom produce new life.

 Some babies basking in the warm sun, growning so that one day they will feed and maybe even procreate a new plant themselves.
 And the new ewes only 5 mpnths old, sitting in the shade with full bellies growing so that one day soon they will meet the ram destined to mate and produce life anew!
and as for humans, well I often wonder why farmers keep farming. After drough, and floods and politics all affect their incomes placing strain on them and their families.
But I feel it in a sunny spring day, the quickening deep inside, the promise of things to come and I know what it is that keeps them farming.
the hope that this time we will be rewarded for our labouts.
see ya


Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful. Those of us up here on the other side are experiencing lovely cool days of Fall. :)

Happy Spring!


Sharon said...

What a nice post. I wish it was spring here instead of fall.

Grammy said...

I just love to come to your place for spring. It is like getting 2 of them a year, Would that not be perfect.

greekwitch said...

What a wonderful time this is. You will soon get to enjoy the warm sunny days, breathing in the fastly approaching summer! Long walks and ice teas! This is a wonderful time indeed!

linda may said...

Such a lovely poetic post Angela. Cheers!
Spring is my favorite season too.

Snowbrush said...

Oh, how I miss Spring! The leaves are falling here, and oh, how I dread winter!