Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mending fences

 with the spring coming the urge to go outside and work gets stronger. Our cow decided that the grass on the other side of the fence was much nicer than any in the 2.5acre paddock she was in so our fences need some maintance or before too long our sheep and cow would be able to just walk over it and come visiting whoever  or where ever they pleased.
 These are wire strainers and the are vital to getting the fence as tight as you can. we first straightend the square wire fence as it had been pushed down and then added a new straight wire. here we are straining it as tight as we can. we then tied it off and connected it to the fence to hold it up again and stop the cow from being able to push it down again.
 we then strained the exsisting stright wire to make it tight again. you place the strainers on the wire, strain it slightly and cut the wire. then you add a special dohicky, thats the tecnical term for it, and place the two cut ends through it. now continure straining and the special dohicky keeps them together. simple!
 now the fence is tight and straight again. I didnt get before shots as I was busy walking wire up and down and getting bits and bobs but believe me it looks much better.
 Here I am driving the new toy, much easier getting stuff from one place to another than walking up and down carrying it. we just put it all in the bucket and drive there. we even took hay to the animals in the middle of the paddock so they can be there and not right near us annoying us while we were trying to work.
So I  really enjoyed being farmer Josaphine for the day.
we have more fences to mend but as they say tomorrow is another day!
see ya


Lois Evensen said...

Now I know how to mend fences! :) I have dohickeys that I use while I am cooking, cleaning, knitting....

Fun post. :)

Grammy said...

LOL Lois, I love the new toy. I have always wanted some for of digger. That bucket is great. Looks like the kind of tractor you can add lots of attachments too. I would be like you and want to learn to use that one. I would end up with an earth shelter home and a mote. :)