Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello out there!

Hello everyone, yes I'm still alive and kicking. The weather here in Melbourne has been crazy to say the least. We had one day of 27degrees Celsius and then it got cold and wet again. Hubby has got the worst flu ever and so have have the mechanics in the area. I think the parts delivery girls are spreading it hahah. But seriously it's not a good one. I think I'm the healthiest person around at the moment and that's saying something.
Apart form the wild weather and sickness things have been going along. Wonders on is still here waiting for his. Ok to fly up to Queensland he is excited me not so much, but I'm handling. I think he knows this is going to be hard on me and he has been spending more time here with us visiting. Sweet child that he is. Baby girl has been around too so life has been good. Me myself have been in all sorts of pain and misery with this changeable weather. I wish it would make up its mind and get on with it!
On the home produce side we have planted some tomatoes and cucumber and beet root. We are starting slow as I'm worried about frosts. Plus I'm really trying to stage my platings as I'm not able to deal with lots of excess produce as I used to. Part of the change things to be able to deal with them better now that I'm living with cronic illness. It's not too bad really as now its only two of us home we don't need as much anyway.
Hope to catch up with all your blogs today, unless the sun stays out I'm going to try and finish weeding the rose garden. Used to be able to do it in one day but now it's a three of four day project. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone
See ya


Unknown said...

Join the club Angela, don't you hate this aging business? Everything takes longer to tackle these days. Take care of yourself and I hope the flu leaves your house quickly. Sue

Sharon said...

Glad to hear you're still alive and kicking!

Know what you're talking about, getting old and having health issues is a daily battle.

With the weather up and down all over, there are so many sick. I hope your Hubby gets well quickly!

Gardening... I guess my days in a garden or a pot are over. Looking for your pictures when the time comes!