Thursday, October 25, 2012

little babies

 a few weeks ago we got our fist little white lamb, mumma wont let us get too close so this is the best pic i could get. if you click on it you may be able to see it better.
 But two days ago we got another little surprise, this little girl. isnt she so sweet, hubby was able to get really close. this mumma was looking on but not too worried.
love this time of year, with each new birth it brings new hope for a brighter future.
see ya


Sharon said...

You must be so tickled! What adorable cuddly things they are. Ah... spring!

(You lucky, you!)

Anonymous said...

Bet they are lots of hard work just like human children ??
Are they a really special breed. I don't recall seeing any of them in paddocks out our way. With a black face and a fleece that looks two colours (light and dark) they certainly stand out.
Does it bother you Angela when they go off to other pastures or wherever for whatever?
Take care

angela said...

Hello Cathy, they are a special breed they are a dorper x damara. they are a meat breed and come in lots of diffrent colours. They are bred for meat and dont grow wool, what they grow over winter to keep warm they shed themselves so I dont need to shear them. I have put a couple of my sheep in the refridgerator buy since we are only two now I will be selling the off spring for others to do as they will with them

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that - the look of the coat reminded me of self shedding sheep we saw in Newfoundland a few years ago.