Sunday, October 24, 2010

First fishing trip of the season

Today the weather was sunny and not too windy, so we decided to take the boat out for a run. Baby girls boyfriend has been itching to go out, but unfortunately everytime we plan to go it been blowing a gale and it would not have been pleasant or safe.
So this morning we rang him up and ask if he would like to go.
So we packed some food, and out we went. It was very nice out in westernport, so much so that there were boats everywhere.
We caught some flatheads, with most being too small and us having to throw them back in.
But it was really nice to be out again. I have missed it all winter. so now the bug has bitten again and I cannot wait to go out again.
Roll on summer!
see ya

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Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Was it cold on the bay? We went over to Point Cook to our son's place at lunchtime, beautifully sun but with a brisk wind and I froze yet when we got back home here (Croydon area) it was lovely and warm
Obviously no fish for tea? lol
BRW what has been the outcome of the fire incident
Take care