Saturday, October 16, 2010

Very Sleepy

Hubby had a bad night of snoring. When he gets into full swing he is louder than a chainsaw!
I got woken up at around 2.30 am and by 4.00am I was so angry that I wanted to smother him with his pillow. I know he doesnt mean it so I got out of bed and put more wood in the fire, feed the cat, had the first of two breakfasts today and played on facebook. By 5.00am I thought that I was now tired enough that I would be able to fall asleep even with him chopping wood next to me. I did fall asleep but was up again at 7.00am. By 7.30 I knew that, I was not going to get any more sleep so I got up and have been busy with washing, looking after the chickens and cleaning the kitty litter area in the laundry. So now I am very sleepy and grumpy.
When I look back over my married life, I realise that since having children, and hubbys snoring I have not really had a full uninterupted nights sleep for 20 years.
Add to that I am now menapausal, I can tell you I am the grumpiest b@#$h
So get outta my way and do as I say or you may have to deal with the rath of Angela


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I certainly can sympathise with you on that issue. Touch wood someone I know hasn't been too bad recently but I'm sure a bad night is on the cards somewhere along the track
On a lighter note, have a look at this post from a blog I read, there’s a photo there I’m sure you’d love. Hope this works - Look <a href=">Here</a>
Take care

Cathy said...

No the link didn't work - copy and paste this

Cottage Tails said...

Oh Angela
give him a shove in the ribs so he will turn over. As I get older I can now understand while old couples have single beds - or even separate rooms.
Google Susun Weed re menopause she has some great stuff! Even a book.

Love Leanne

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Yes its me again - pop over to Frogdancer's and read this joke, you'll love it
Still wet here in the east

SydneyGardener said...

Hi, have you tried works for my S.O.