Monday, October 18, 2010

getting stuck in

Over the weekend hubby and I planted some vegies in the raised garden bed, and mulched them both. One raised garden bed only has strawberry plants in it and hopefully soon we will get lots of yummy berries.
Today I decided to tackle on of the front garden beds. Boy am I unfit! I have only gotton half way through and I am sore all over. It was pretty bad though. One plant had grown so big it had taken over the whole garden. I dont know what the plant is called but I do know it is a bit of a weed and for the life of me I cannot recall how it had gotton into the garden. I think my mother planted it  because she has the exact same on at her place.
Anyway, we pulled it out and now the whole bed is looking better. I will rest for a little while and if the weather holds off, I will try and do some more this afternoon.
Once its all clear of weeds and everything is trimmed back I can do the fun stuff like buy more plants and put them in.
see ya

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