Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A very productive few days

Over the very long weekend we all got stuck in and weeded the vegie gardens, mulched them with sugar cane mulch and finished planting them all out.
We were very tired but the gardens look great. I will post some pictures as soon as I take them. Hopefully later today.
My other productive endeavour was today when I got a job!
At the gym that I go to they needed someone to only do two shifts a week. Perfect for me as I have plenty to do here but also like the idea of doing something outside of the home. This means that my gym membership is now free as an emplyee.
Thats a saving of $600.00 a year!!
Plus the money I earn will go towards paying off the credit card. As christmas is nearly here that will be great. I have made alot of home made gifts this year to keep costs down and so I have nearly fininshed my christmas shopping anyway. Only hubby and two offspring really left to do.
Am I a clever little dickens or what.
Hope your day is blessed too.
see ya!

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