Saturday, November 22, 2008

OMG its cold!

and wet and we have had hail stones. Its so cold that its taking ages for me to type as my fingers dont work.
Its so cold I have done something I seldom do. I have turned on the ducted heating.
My poor garden doesnt know what to do. Im sure it thinks the 3 days of heat we had was summer and is starting to go back to sleep. I am so glad that I planted the pumkings in the hot house or else I wonder would I have gotton a crop this year.
It hailed pretty heavily this morning so I wonder what the produce in the main garden area will look like when I finally pluck up the courage to go outside.
And my poor little chicken that decided to hatch a batch of eggs under the bush plant, I hope she is alright, even if the eggs dont hatch.
Busy day today, baby girl has her dance concert. Two performances and 11 dances in each. She will be a tuckerd little girl.
Have a great day, stay warm and dry.
see ya

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Jen said...

good luck to your little girl - hopefully her toes are ok... unlike mine :(

freezing?? it is pretty cold here today too, no wonder everone is sniffling.