Thursday, May 15, 2008

just another day

well the sun is up and shinning but its very cold and frosty.Here in the meadows it is often foggy. Must have something to do with all the wood fires in the area. This is a semi rural area and we dont for the most part have natural gas connected to our homes so wood heaters are the go. I dont really mind as I think they have the best heat and make a house into a home. I always love our house better in the winter. I just isnt right when the fire isnt going and buy the end of summer we are all just busting to get it going again.
on the down side when the fire is going I dry all our washing in the family room because I do not use a dryer.I makes the place look like a chinese laundry but hey I know I,m doing my bit for the enviroment and our back pocket.
Thats another thing I like doing, being frugal. My family call it being tight but I dont mind. That might be my next post. I,ll tell you all about the sights I visit do help me be tight, frugal or as I like to call it live simply. until then
see ya!

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luvvyjo said...

Hey Ange! Awesome blog. Good luck with it all. I look forward to reading it often. Is there anyway that I can set a reminder when you write a blog... or could you please send me a reminder yourself when you update? looking forward to more!
Luv LIV xoxo