Tuesday, May 27, 2008

becoming self sufficient

Just finished reading the blogs I read everyday and Rhonda from down to earth has ask what we have done to help us on our own journey towards self sufficiency. She had listed what she had acheived so I will tell you how we have changed our lives.
We have changed our power to green energy and still try to save as much as we can buy changing lightglobes, turning off lights, and switching appliences off at the power.
we have installed watertanks which have been used to produce as much food as we can, thus reducing the need to have it trucked in for us, futher reducing our carbon miles.
I have gone back to mending cloths like I did when first married and we have always passed cloths along to family and friends.
I have also learnt to crochet, knit and Quilt, so I have been able to produce lots of things my family love to use at a fraction of the price it would of cost to buy.
what is it you can do?
leave a comment and let me know

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