Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back

hello everyone I'm back.
the computer had a meltdown last friday and refused to turn on. so its been to the computor doctor for a week and 120 dollars latter and I have it back. This means the kids are especially happy and have already come to an agreement on who is going to be on the internet at what time and for how long.
meanwhile Thanks liv for your comments and I hope to update daily so keep on checking regularly.
since the meltdown I have tryed to do some gardening and the first day pulled muscles in my belly trying to move a large pot. Having rested the next day I then attempted some weeding on the following day. A blue bottle bull ant attached itself to my hand and would not let go.After i got it off my hand swelled to twice its size for the next 3 days so I have decided that its time to stay inside and read.
So the fire is going toasty warm and I have all my nana blankies I have made so thats what Im off to do.
see ya

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