Friday, February 03, 2012

a little bad luck

well the new year has started and its not been a good one. baby girl has been retrenched from her job so she has been my apprentice housewife the last couple of weeks. It not a catastrophe as she has no debts except her phone which is only around $50.00 per month.
Wonderson has had a little fender bender with a very big, black and expensive Mercedes Benz. The Benz hit him while he was waiting to turn so the other driver admitted fault. It was at very slow speed so no one was hurt which was good and the other driver is insured so all good there.
So its only a little bad luck, nothing terrible and Im thankful they are both well and happy.
Its hard being a mum to adults, you cannot protect them from all the pain and pitfalls of the world but I am always here for them to give a hug, comfort food , support and love
see ya


Anonymous said...

yep must me quite hard the next step in the parent ladder.
Glad everyone is ok.
Hope dd gets a new job she likes soon.

Love Leanne

Sharon said...

It's hard not to stick one's nose in their problems, isn't it? Yep, they grow up and it's a whole new set of anguish...

Lisa said...

I am a fixer by nature and it really hard to stand back sometimes! Glad everyone is ok.

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Yep - here are times that no matter how hard it is, you just have to step backwards and let them do it all themselves - but be ready to pick them up if they fall. Ask me how I knoe lol
Luckily your two will be fine
Take care

Pearl said...

Hey, as far as bad luck goes, that was all pretty good bad luck.


Greetings from Minneapolis,


Deb said...

Yes it is hard being a parent to grown kids but we all do it and survive....but we all seem to:0) Glad no one was hurt and hope your dd gets a job again soon.

Grammy said...

The beginning is the hardest part. But when the thought . it is there life not mine finally set in I found the freedom to know. They have to have good and bad to learn from as we did. We have to let them walk and fall and fix there own booboos now. Or we end up with dependent adults. Driving us crazy.

Vickie said...

Hello Angela - thanks for your visit. I've been meeting myself coming and going lately. Sorry your daughter lost her job - hope she finds something else soon. And I'm REALLY glad that the fenderbender was NOT your son's fault! That could've been expensive. Glad you caught your possum, too!