Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday night Bliss

Yesterday at the hospital Leanne had a reaction to the chem. As she has now had that particular one three times we were told to keep an eye out for it as, its common.
So we had to stop treatment and give her some antihistamin to stop the reaction. Wait half an hour and start again.
No pleasent, as she is always just on this side of tears as it is.
But she slept through the rest of the treament and we got her home and into bed.
But today I am cooking spagetti Bol, maybe an apple crumble with icecream for dessert, and baby girl and I will sit on the couch and watch the royal wedding.
Absolute Bliss, love a wedding I always cry.
have a great weekend everyone
see ya


Konnie said...

Oh I so feel for Leanne. Hopefully she can get lots of rest.

Grammy said...

I can see this is heart wrenching. I feel your pain. I have always told myself I will not go through chemo. I just want pain killers. I watched my dad die from this. And I believe the radiation its self ended his like. It is like using poison to treat disease. I had a boil of radiation on my back after the stress test. It flowed of clear liquid. I could tell each time I was injected for mri or cat scans how the radiation affected me in small dose. So I want to live with out it.
Sending you both a big hug. Oh I did watch the wedding too. It was so uplifting.