Tuesday, February 07, 2012

this is some more of what we have been harvesting at home. The spuds were delish and the pumpkin was too.
The black russian  and beefsteak tomatoes. the weather turned really hot and blistery so alot of the small fruit fell off but we still get quite a feed of the plants. We only planted on off each.
Life has been hectic here, my family have been good but friends have had alot of bad luck and both hubby and I have been there to help. Hopefully life will settle down a bit and I can spend some more time visiting you guys again.
stay safe everyone, especially for those that live in queensland.
see ya


Sharon said...

MMMmmmm, tomatoes!!!

C said...

Heavenly harvest :) oh cant wait for spring to arrive x

Deb said...

My garden is not doing good at all this year, It has to be the silly weather.

Grammy said...

Yea! you got potatoes. I found you have to buy seed potato's. I had no clue till a few years ago. They spay the ones in the store to prevent them from producing. They grow into tiny unusable size. So this adds to more chemicals in our food. It is shocking what you find out. Any way enjoy your harvest.

Poppy said...

I'm so happy to find your blog! And I'm jealous of your tomatoes! Of course, barring greenhouse tomatoes, our climate isn't right for planting much less harvesting!

I'm very much looking forward to following your blog!

Warm wishes from Kansas!

becky3086 said...

Great harvest! It is so neat to see all your tomatoes when all we have is cabbage, spinach, and lettuce to harvest.

Susan said...

A great harvest Angela, looking good and even better to eat!
All the best, Susan xx :D)

Norma Chang said...

Drooling over your harvest. It is still winter in NY but spring is one day closer.

Vickie said...

Hello, Angela! I spotted your black russian tomatoes - those look GREAT. I've never tried growing them - may have to put them on my list for this year! One of your potatoes looks like a duck!

I haven't had too much luck with potatoes here - we have fire ants very bad and they like to dig into the taters underground and then when you pull them, they have little holes all in them. I hate to buy them from the store. I try to find some at the farmer's markets.

It's wierd - I'm thinking about starting my garden and you're going into autumn!