Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy now

just a short note to let you know that baby girl had her wisdom teeth taken out this morning and it all went well. He mouth was numb for about for hours and she is just now starting to feel a little pain. But I did go get her the strongest pain pills I could without a script and lots of soup.
She also asked for vanilla ice cream and choc topping so as soon as she able she will enjoy that too!
see ya


Grammy said...

Glad too hear she is ok. I had nine out one at a time.
4 ouch. I can only imagine.
Give her a hug from me.

Deb said...

Glad she is ok and her mouth will be sore for a little while. Lots of love from Mum will make her feel better.

Cathy said...

Good to hear she is feeling much better - don't forget that jelly will go nicely with the ice cream when the time comes

Vickie said...

Ouch. My 3 kids have all had their wisdom teeth out, too. My daughter got a dry socket. HOpefully, your girl will do just fine! Yes, ice cream, pudding and all that yummy stuff will sure feel good on those sore gums.

AND, I hope this year keeps you away from the hospital and doctors! Sounds like y'all need a break! Thanks for oyour visit - have a nice week!