Monday, February 20, 2012

sydney photos

This is me and Rebecca showing off some of the goodies we got at the exhibition. we dont half look happy do we!
we decided to go on a harbour cruise and it was wonderful. the sun was shining for a while and we all got a little burnt but we enjoyed it.
It was great to finally see the bridge and opra house up close. I have driven over the coat hanger a couple of times and got a glimps of the sails but seeing them from the water was very special indeed.
I hope Ive bored you enough
see ya


Vickie said...

How FUN was that! Harry Potter - and you got to go to an exciting place, too!

Thanks so much for visiting my kids' blog! They are having a great time in NZ, and are gradually getting caught up on their blog. They've been without internet for the last month or so. We are hoping to visit them at some point while they are there. Might have to hop over to Australia!

Glad your girl is better - guess she's had her fill of ice cream and is moving on to chips and popcorn by now!

Grammy said...

I love seeing your photos. And so glad to see you are having fun.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

I'd never head of the HARRY POTTER
exhibition. Is it a travelling one or going to be based in Sydney?
Glad you had a fun time.

Love Leanne

granny said...

You look like you are having a ball !! That's a very long drive for you..