Thursday, August 04, 2011

starting to get ready

For those who dont already know, on the 22nd of this month hubby and I are jetting off to Greece.
Its now getting close enough that I am starting to think, ok I need to pack that!
Its starting with the electrical stuff. I have purchases an adaptor, so I can plug in my camera and recharge that. I dont know if we are taking our phone with us or just getting a cheap one over there. We have been told thats the cheapest option re phone calls.
Now I have decided to take the laptop. That way I can download all my photos everynight, and keep up with all you guys while Im over there.
Oh yeah and the family back home. lol
So now the butterflies have started, I am not one who likes to be away from home. It always happens but once I hit the road it gets better.
So if any of you wise women have any tips for me please let me know. This is the first time in a long time that I have left this country and I really am a novice.
see ya


Sharon said...

Oh, Golly, just think - Greece! The furthest I have been out of my country was maybe a couple hours into Canada and back. I am not wise, I cannot be helpful, I am sorry.....


angela said...

Sharon you are wise, just not in this subject.

Grammy said...

I did the same thing. I had over 2200 photos of my road trip. I did down load every night and put on a disk. But I found I should have just got a flash drive it would and did hold the whole trip. I gave my sister inlaw the zip so she could print or view. I have never been to another country so no clue what to bring.

Unknown said...

Never been on a trip overseas ( except when I came to Australia from Holland as a toddler). Hope you have a wonderful time. My advice.....make sure you enjoy every minute!! Maa

Susan said...

That's good you're taking your laptop - will be beaut to see your Greece pics.
You'll have a great time :D)

greekwitch said...

Oh! I tried leaving a comment and failed. It is nice to meet you. I do not have many things to share with you about Samos, all i know is that it is a beautiful green island with wonderful people. If you could visit another island the most amazing ones are Kefallonia and Lefkada. The beaches and the waters there are beautiful. If you are going to see Athens at all the museum of Akropolis is wonderful. Do not drink tap water in any island even if the people there do! I have learned that the hard way. Stay hydrated!
Get the best sunblock you can find. And although it is really hot, the islands in the evenings can get really windy so bring a jacket. Also, get comfortable shoes for walking, you will not need heels.
Brightest blessings.

Gill - That British Woman said...

never been to Greece, have a cousin who goes every year as they love it. I bet the food will be really good.

I take my laptop with me when we go to the States, I would feel naked without it.......LOL

Gill in Canada