Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am in Greece!

Arrived in Greece safe and sound. Man we live along way from the rest of the world!
Its hot here l am in Piraeus but will be leaving for the island Samos tonight on the boat. Have been visiting relos here and weI had a great time at dinner last night.
I hope to post pics, but so far l have had a hard time getting on free wifi with my laptop so who knows when that will happen.
hope your all well
talk to you guys soon
see ya


Sharon said...

I'm glad you are there and having a good time, this is what traveling is all about! Nice of you to let us know you are ok. I was wondering how it was going. Continue on with your enjoyment and we look foreword to seeing some of your fantastic pictures!


Susan said...

Wonderful to read your post. You'll be happy to shed your winter wardrobe!
Mmmmm a lovely boat ride over to an island in the evening - how hard would that be to take. Seriously envious Angela!!
Looking forward to pics if and when, but the main thing is that you kick back, relax and enjoy a beaut holiday. Cheerio for now :D)

granny said...

Good to see you arrived safe and sound ! Have a wonderful time.. :0)

Unknown said...

take care Angela- stay safe xx