Monday, September 27, 2010

an unfulfilled weekend

This weekend was the Grand Final of the AFL football season. The two teams were Collingwood, the team I follow and the St Kilda team. The last time these two teams were in a final together was in 1966, which St Kilda won by one point.
This time we had high hopes of winning and were looking forward to a great game. Well we got the great game and after Collingwood leading all day St Kilda cought up and were in front near the end. But collingwood kicked a goal and were up by one point. At this point of the game I was a mess. Then with a few seconds to go St Kilda kicked a point and the scores were level. Unfortunately the siren went off then to signal the end of the game.
Did they play time on? NO!!!!
They will have a rematch next week!
Another week of stress and worry, another match to sit through with my heart in my throat. Its been 20 years since we have won a flag and my nerves cannot take it.
I might have to have a sedative next week to get through it.
Heres hoping I make it through the week.
see ya

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Cate said...

Feeling your pain Angela!

Cate :-)