Friday, July 09, 2010

Something strange is happening.

I will attempt to put into words how I am feeling today.
Here goes.
You know the song, Here comes the sun, Well thats kinda it. I feel like I'v been asleep for a long time and that just now I am slowly coming awake.
Its like the last few months have all been a dream, not bad or good, just a dream. I have been sleeping or even better hybernating.
And that something, something small has triggered a change and I am now slowly waking up. Is it the fact that they days are ever so slightly longer, or is it that strange glowing yellow thing in the sky.
For the last couple of days the sun has come out and just now when I let the geese and roster out it felt really nice to be outside.
Am I making any sense or just waffling.
Anywho I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts.
see ya


Lisa said...

yes, making sense- huge sense. i am informed that only the awakened can feel the changes that are occuring now and I really wonder, how could anyone NOT ?
it is amazing dear Angela xx

Debbie said...

I know how you feel, as the days get longer and warm up ever so slightly I always feel better

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Same feelings here in my part of town. Really cold this morning yet has turned into a fantasticly sunny dry day. Have you noticed the days are lengthening just a fraction?
'Here comes the sun' remind me about that later in the year when its 30c lol
Take care

Anonymous said...

Followed the crumbs form Debbie's blog and enjoyed reading your posts. You're feezing, and I am enjoying some hot, tropical humid weather (very unusual for Oklahoma in July). Our winter was so bitter cold, that I won't complain about the heat. I'd rather sweat than shiver any day. Like you, I enjoy the sunshine.

Liz (aka Ninny)

Sonya said...

I have felt that way before. I know exactly how that feels.