Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk28

Today I gain another 500grams.
so speaking with the consultant we have decided to give my body a break for two weeks.
I will still have the shake for breakfast but eat normally for the rest of the day. I will eat sensible and will stick to their food plan for the most part.
I will still go in and be weighed once a week just to keep an eye on things.
I was very upset this morning, when you do all the right things and they do not work. Its frustrating.
I will keep you updated.
see ya

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Cathy said...

Hello Angela
its annoying to think of all the hard work put in and then get a result like this. I can relate to it so well - when I did WW the other year there were weeks when I'd yoyo up and down and feel like it was all in vain. Don't give up - coast along for a couple of weeks and then come back again.

Walk more stretch more even doing things round the house, if I couldn't get out for a walk 'd walk round and round the garden sometimes not slowly but fast, dh thought I was strange and laughed ( I realise you are using a product but try and get hold of the 'Clothesline Diet' and read what she says) but being on the go was all it needed - oh yes and sticking to the food portions and not overeating lol
Take care