Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tony Ferguson Wk26

I am a little depressed today, as I have again gained 600 grams. I dont know why. The lady at Tony Ferguson seems to think I am not eating enough food so this week I will try and eat more.
doesnt make sense to me, but hay, will give it a go!
I have just come back from going into the city with baby girl. She had to go and get fingerprinted for her gaming licence. Boy have the trains become crowded. And we were stuck in the loop for 10 minutes as another train broke down. We left cranbourne station at 8.15am and got back at 12.00! We were only in the place for 10 minutes.
Boy what an adventure
Wont be doing that again for another couple of years I reckon.
see ya

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nollyposh said...

It's all about speeding up your metabolism X:-)