Saturday, August 29, 2009

The weather and other things

The weather is still crazy here but due to my hormones and hot flushes I am not feeling the cold at all.
Even though its still August, its feeling very much like spring is here. I am getting that urge to go out and plant lots of seedlings, and the feeling grows stronger every day.
If only it would stop raining for one day, then it can continue.
Luckily some of this rain has fallen in the catchment areas, that has to be a positive.
On the domestic front, HA HA, baby girl is in the middle of her last school play ever!
This year they are performing Beauty and the Beast.
Once again she is dancing a quite a few of the dances and is having a ball. She and her best friend were really haming it up for us last night and laughing and having a great time.
There is another show tonight and two more night ones next week.
I have got tickets to all of the shows as usual, I will miss this when she finishes high school. Hopefully when she gets to uni she will be able to keep dancing and at least I will still have her concerts to go to.
Times they are a changing
see ya

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Hibiscus Moon said...

Must be nice to get some cool air. Its hotter than ever here and will be through September if all goes as usual.